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Analysis of the two basic phase play

“Rule: Questions are being set on the court, because – the answers are known on the bleachers.”

2015-01-22 12-19-51

Seminars for coaches

Technique – tactic

Topic: little specialties

2015-01-22 12-28-06

Opponent analysis – preparing for the game

2015-01-22 12-24-57

Correlation – the link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-26-32

Coaching license seminar 

Topic: receiving of the serve

2015-01-22 12-29-11

Serving tactics

2015-01-22 12-29-52

Technical plan of work with junior teams

2015-01-22 12-31-01

Correlation – link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-31-39

Basic block set-ups

2015-01-22 14-10-26

Correlation – link between block – defense – continuing phases

2015-01-22 14-13-11

Beograd 2009

Pravce in zgodbe med Idrijo in Sočo..


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Sofia (Bulgaria) 2018 CEV U17 Volleyball European Championship - Women

2018 CEV U17 Volleyball European Championship - Women 

Sofia, Bulgaria, April 12, 2018. The capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, is ready to host the biggest sports event in the month of April in the country – the 2018 CEV U17 Volleyball European Championship –Women.  The tournament will take place from April 13 to 21. Twelve National teams being divided in two pools of six each are taking part in the competition.  Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, The Netherlands, Hungary and Germany will take to the court in the upcoming days in order to decide who the new champion of Europe will be.

The President of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation, Mr Dancho Lazarov welcomed all the participants in the tournament: "First, I would like to say "Welcome to Sofia!" to all the teams, competition officials and Volleyball friends from all over Europe! I am absolutely sure that we will have an unforgettable tournament like the one hosted last year also in Sofia - the first ever edition of #EuroVolleyU16W. We have everything set for the Final Round of the #EuroVolleyU17W and now it is time to enjoy some good Volleyball and see who the champion will be in the end. I wish good luck to all of the teams and let the best one win!"

The head coaches of the participating countries shared their thoughts and expectations from the tournament:

Stojan Gunchev, head coach of Bulgaria: "I am pleased with the preparation we did for this tournament. Unfortunately, we have some problems with injuries in the team, but I hope everything will be fine. We will play match by match and our main goal is to qualify among the best four teams!"

Svetlana Safronova, head coach of Russia:  "Our team is well prepared for this tournament. We gathered these girls last year when we played in the final of #EuroVolleyU16W against Italy. Unfortunately, in this match we didn't manage to win because mentally we were not in a good shape. Now everything starts again - from the beginning. We face Bulgaria in the first day of the competition and we will fight to win over them and over the other teams here."

Dzmitry Kot, head coach of Belarus: "This is our second European championship and we are so happy to be in Bulgaria again. Our pool is tough but we are confident and want to achieve something big in the tournament. Tomorrow I expect a difficult match against Serbia. They are a strong team but we are ready for this challenge!"

Jovo Cakovic, head coach of Serbia: "This is our new generation and the European championship in Sofia is their first big competition. It will be a great experience for all of them. Our biggest goal is in the future to see some of these girls in the National team of Serbia – Women. I expect difficult matches against strong teams but our goal is to go home with a medal and we will try everything to achieve it."

Boris Klokocovnik, head coach of Slovenia: "We are very happy that we are here in the Finals of #EuroVolleyU17W. In every single match we will be fighting for the win. I expect my girls to fight for every ball. Everything is fine with my players, no injuries or illnesses. We are excited to start and then we will see what will happen in the next days. This tournament is very important for all of the players here and I am sure it will be a great experience for them."

Gabor Konig, head coach of Hungary: "Our expectations are to play good and to have fun! Only when you have fun, you can make good games – and from that point on the result could be good in the end of the match. One good game, then comes another one etc. I have good memories from Bulgaria because back in 2008 our Men’s National team played a European qualification in Gabrovo. We won the qualification then and I hope that Bulgaria could give us “wings to fly” also this time."

Bülent Gunes, head coach of Turkey: "We are ready for #EuroVolleyU17W! We came to Bulgaria five days earlier and we played two good friendly matches against the home team. Now I hope my girls to continue with their good performance in the official matches, but it will be a tough tournament for sure. Here are the best teams in Europe and I wish good luck to all of them."

Marius Macarie, head coach of Romania: "I expect a really difficult competition. We are in a tough group with the European champions Italy, but we hope to show what we can and why not finish better than we did last year?"

Viktor Perebyynis, head coach of Ukraine: "We have excellent impressions from the organisation here. My players like Sofia. Everything is fine with my team and we hope for the best."

Michele Fanni, head coach of Italy: "We come to #EuroVolleyU17W as a good team. In the previous competition, the first ever EuroVolley under 16 that was held here in Sofia last year, we delivered an excellent performance. Obviously this makes us think that we have good chances and possibilities. It is also true that in this group age the players could make a good tournament and then play some not so good matches. In comparison to last year, there is only one player who is new here – the libero got injured, but the rest of the group is the same. We will play to reach the best possible result, we will play to make the podium. And then if we are lucky enough, maybe some other good things could come. The idea of the first place is always present because we want to play always for the win."

Eelco Beijl, head coach of The Netherlands:  "We are happy to be back here in Sofia, because we were here also last year. Everything is organised perfectly, just as last summer. In the previous EuroVolley for this age group. we finished on the fifth position and as everybody could expect from us now, we are always looking for some improvement – individually and as a team. We will see if we can get ourselves among the top teams of Europe. All my players that are here are prepared to play – physically and mentally. I don’t think that we have key players in that age group already – we are always practicing with 24 players in the Netherlands and all 24 of them are good players."

Jens Tietböhl, head coach of Germany: "We didn’t play last year in Bulgaria, so for my team this is the first tournament here. We are very happy and excited. On the other hand, my players are very nervous, but I hope that we will give our best in the games. We will face difficult opponents in our Pool, the Italians are very strong but we have the hope to continue also in the next stages of the competition."

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