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Analysis of the two basic phase play

“Rule: Questions are being set on the court, because – the answers are known on the bleachers.”

2015-01-22 12-19-51

Seminars for coaches

Technique – tactic

Topic: little specialties

2015-01-22 12-28-06

Opponent analysis – preparing for the game

2015-01-22 12-24-57

Correlation – the link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-26-32

Coaching license seminar 

Topic: receiving of the serve

2015-01-22 12-29-11

Serving tactics

2015-01-22 12-29-52

Technical plan of work with junior teams

2015-01-22 12-31-01

Correlation – link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-31-39

Basic block set-ups

2015-01-22 14-10-26

Correlation – link between block – defense – continuing phases

2015-01-22 14-13-11

Beograd 2009

Pravce in zgodbe med Idrijo in Sočo..


Športno kolturno društvo " VERIN "

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Opportunities for collaborations

Zoran ANG

Women’s Club World Championship 2018

Coaches and players embrace challenge at 
Women’s Club World Championship

Shaoxing, China, December 3, 2018 – The coaches and captains of the eight teams participating in the 12th edition of the FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship embraced the challenge of what is set to be a highly competitive tournament.

The press conference was held at the Xian Heng Hotel in Shaoxing on Monday.

Minas Tenis Clube coach Stefano Lavarini: “We did not have many weeks to prepare for this competition because the summer season was long and a few of our players joined the team a few weeks ago. We tried to practice as much as we could for this important competition.

“We already played four matches in the Brazilian League and we believe that we have reached a good condition to play in this competition. We are ready to compete and we are eager to start the fight.”

VakifBank Istanbul coach Giovanni Guidetti: “We are all happy to be here. We want to thank the organisers. We are happy to play in such great conditions. Our team is always ready. We participate to win and we are ready to take on the challenge of the strong teams.

“Zhu, like every player who played at a very high level at the World Championship, will start slowly at the start of the club season. But like any other good player, she knows how to get her level high again. She is starting to gain that good condition and she knows how to play at this level of competition. She is excited to play in China.”

Zhejiang Women’s Volleyball Club coach Wang Hebin: “We are going to have a great challenge against the best teams in this competition, so it is up to our team to understand how we can take on this challenge. We are prepared for this competition and we believe that our team is ready to take part in this competition.”

Volero Le Cannet coach Avital Selinger: “It is a great challenge to compete in this tournament, but I always tell my players to do their best. I teach them to play and do their best and enjoy the moment in competing against the best club teams in the world. This is the best time to learn but also enjoy the competition.”

Altay Volleyball Club coach Iurii Pachenko: “We are happy to be here and take this great experience for our team. This is the first time we are playing at this high-level competition, so we are all honoured to be here.”

Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul coach Marco Aurelio Motta: “We are glad to participate in the Women’s Club World Championship. We start our competition tomorrow and we are excited to play in the next five days. We are prepared to play tough matches in this competition.”

Praia Clube coach Paolo Barros Junior: “It’s a great honour for our team to be part of this tournament. Our main target is to improve our game in the best possible way.”

Supreme Chonburi coach Nataphon Srisamutnak: “The Women’s Club World Championship is a big tournament for my team. This is our first time and we will try our best to earn a good result in this tournament.”


Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul captain Jordan Larson: “We are excited to be here in Shaoxing. We are very honoured and excited to compete again in this tournament.”

Volero Le Cannet captain Laura Unternahrer
: “We are honoured to have this opportunity to compete and learn from this tournament. Shaoxing is an impressive city and we love the great atmosphere here.”

VakifBank Istanbul captain Ayse Melis Gurkaynak
: “We are proud to be in Shaoxing. We know that there are great teams in this tournament, but we want to reach our goal of winning this tournament again.”


To smo mi v 2014/15 " ŽOK Braslovče"

ZOK Braslovce 2014 Priznanja





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