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Analysis of the two basic phase play

“Rule: Questions are being set on the court, because – the answers are known on the bleachers.”

2015-01-22 12-19-51

Seminars for coaches

Technique – tactic

Topic: little specialties

2015-01-22 12-28-06

Opponent analysis – preparing for the game

2015-01-22 12-24-57

Correlation – the link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-26-32

Coaching license seminar 

Topic: receiving of the serve

2015-01-22 12-29-11

Serving tactics

2015-01-22 12-29-52

Technical plan of work with junior teams

2015-01-22 12-31-01

Correlation – link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-31-39

Basic block set-ups

2015-01-22 14-10-26

Correlation – link between block – defense – continuing phases

2015-01-22 14-13-11

Beograd 2009

Pravce in zgodbe med Idrijo in Sočo..


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Opportunities for collaborations

Zoran ANG



Our team will play in pool D along with Italy, France and Japan.


Young Slovenian volleyball players qualified for the 2015 World championships starting on September 11th in Mexico after the win in qualifications in Nova Gorica. Sixteen national teams will play in four preliminary pools. Tijuana will host groups A and B and groups C and D will play in Mexicali.

U-21 World Championships pools: A (Tijuana): Mexico, Turkey, Canada, Egypt. Pool B: (Tijuana): Russia, Argentina, USA, Poland. Pool C (Mexicali): Brazil, Iran, China, Cuba. Pool D (Mexicali): Italy, France, Japan, Slovenia.

Although they will battle against the top 16 U-21 teams in the world, Slovenia has options to place among top eight teams. According to Slovenia’s head coach, that is the main goal of our talented team. Truth be told, by qualifying for the WCH the boys have already exceeded all expectations of the Slovenian volleyball fans.



Slovenia will play in pool B, together with national teams of Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Belarus and Romania.

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The players won’t have time for a long rest. After 1st European Games in Baku, it’s time for European League games at the beginning of July for both, men and women. Before all that, some teams, including Slovenia, played last qualifying games for the 2015 European Championship. Slovenian national team won 3:0 against Portugal in the home game in Maribor and lost at the away game in Portugal. Our team guaranteed a spot in the ECH, co-hosted by Bulgaria and Italy.

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Volleyball is becoming a show, visitors excited about the spectacle.

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It's becoming a tradition in Italy for at least one of the World League matches to be played on the outdoor tennis field in ForoItalico, Rome. The main out of many reasons is sure the intention to bring volleyball closer to the fans, which enjoy the spectacle. On Friday, June 19, 2015, 11,000 volleyball enthusiasts saw the match between volleyball superpowers Italy and Brazil.

Since Brazil is the host of this year’s World League final tournament it has already secured a spot in the final matches. However, every match between these two opponents is interesting. Players always give their all and every match counts. It was possible to see all that on Friday in Rome - a true volleyball spectacle.

Italy:Brazil 3:2 (26:24, 21:25, 25:18, 17:25, 16:14)



More than 200 Slovenian coaches participated in the academy over the course of four days.


From June 11-14, Planica and Kranjskagora hosted the first coaching academy organized by Slovenian coaches’ society. Three Italian volleyball experts held seminars for the A, B, C and D coaching licenses.

CarmelloPittera gave a lesson on the system of teaching technique and motor skills development for the youngest players and demonstrated his view on further development and current condition ofprofessional volleyball.

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Pittera, who comes from Catania in Sicily, started coaching the Italian A-league team from his hometown in 1970 and won the national title with the same team. Besides Catania, the renowned expert also coached Spole, Cita di Cestello and Padova, with which he won the European CEV cup. As the head coach for the Italian national team, he led the team in almost 200 games and participated in the Moscow, Los Angeles and Seoul Olympic Games. In 1996 Atlanta Olympics he head-coached the team of Egypt, then later also led the team of Qatar.

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Andrea Giani is a successful coach of Verona and current head coach for the Slovenian national team. He held a seminar speaking about his experience working with the Slovenian and Italian national teams and the tactical and technical differences he noted. In the hands-on part of his lecture, “Giangio” elaborated on the attack after serve receive and blocking strategy based on the attack system in motion.

Andrea Giani comes from Sabaudia and is one of the all-time best volleyball players in the world. He won three Olympic gold medals, four world championship titles and four European championship titles with the Italian national team, “azzuri”. He was a five-time national champion with the teams Maxicona from Parma and Modena, five-time national cup winner, won the Champions’ league twice and earned one world team championship title. He began his coaching career in 2007/08 season in Modena and won the CEV cup. In 2009/10 he coached an A-2 team from Rome, Mezzaroma to advancement into the A-1 league in his first season. He’s been coaching the A-1 team from Verona since 2012/13 season. In addition, Giani was an assistant coach for the Italian national team when they won silver medals in the 2011 and 2013 European championships and bronze in the London 2012 Olympics. In 2008, Andrea Giani was inducted into the USA hall of fame. He also has a star with his name on the famous FormiInperialistreet in Rome.

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Professor Marco Mencarelli demonstrated the serve receive basics forfemales, putting especial emphasis on the youth and junior categories. He continued with theoretical and practical demonstration of the game, particularly ball exchange after serve receive, targeted towards C-2 and C-4, as well as basic block setup and defense play after aforementioned attacks. Marco Mencarelli has been working with the Italian volleyball federation since 1993, acting as an advisor and expert. Since 2002 he’s worked with all Italian selections and was the work coordinator at the FIPAV, in charge of youth development in their specialized centers.

He won several European and world championships titles with the Italian youth and junior teams, including three consecutive EC gold medals. In 2002 he was the assistant coach when the Italian team won the world championships in Berlin. He won a bronze medal in the 2013 Mediterranean games as a head coach. This year, he started coaching an A-1 team from Busto Arsizio.


Vrabčekupanja foundation, Municipality Brda, Football club Brda, Office of tourism, culture, youth and sports Brda and Jabkad.o.o.


Unlike the previous years, when the event in Vipolžah in GoriškaBrda was constantly accompanied with some raindrops, the sun completely took over this time and brought extra good mood and positive energy to participants and visitors. The day was filled with socializing and charity.

vrapček upanja 2015  20150606 184911 Kopiraj 2

1545197 938064679589195 8807885840626549623 n  ODBOJKA IN PREVC

Much like the previous years participants were bonded by football and archery, a novelty. The first to introduce themselves were young football players from GoriškaBrda and Renče. Nataša Fikfak, Acting Director of General hospital dr. Franca Derganca Nova Gorica took the first kick to open these mostly exhibition games. Among the players who delivered a couple goals and a lot of laughter were Slovene athletes, led by the Olympic medal winners Peter Prevc, ski jumper, and cross country skier Vesna Fabjan, as well as winemakers from GoriškaBrda, personnel from the department for disabled youth at the hospital inStara Gora, reporters and pupils of Dobrovo elementary school. The latter are very active and successful in sports. The boys won national elementary school championships in football and the girls placed third. Also noteworthy participants were the promising tennis players Maja Makorič and Elena Plesničar and national bowling champion Matjaž Zaletel. Headmistress VesnaFilej was there to support the players.

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The new history of Slovene volleyball in the making

11377146 931183173571073 931873820108470514 n  SLO 2015

This will be the sixth consecutive EC for the Slovenian men’s volleyball team, but the first time for the girls, after two wins over national team of France in the additional qualifications for the 2015 EC hosted by Nederland and Belgium.

Our team will play in the very strong pool A (Aperdoorn) along with the host teams, Italy and Poland. However, to break the ice and the qualification for the EC alone in the sport with the largest participation in the world and in Europe is a great success for a small country like Slovenia.

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A 1
What will happen in the season 2015/2016?
 There has been many active seasons, since I started working as a volleyball coach at an elementary School Milojke Štrukelj in Nova Gorica in 1986.  I was working with ladies and men in all Slovenian Youth and National Teams. One of the biggest success I achieved was working with a men volleyball team in an Italian A-2 and A-1 league. Moreover, I am also very proud working with the women volleyball team from Nova Gorica, with whom we won a Slovenian Volleyball Cup and successfully competed in the European Cups. A similar story happened in Braslovce, where I did not train so many years, but we achieved amazing results with ZOK Braslovce.
My curriculum:


Local youth team defend the title of champions from the previous seaso


Final tournament of youth for the season 2014/2015 will be held on Sunday, organized by ŽK Braslovče in the sports hall of Elementary School Braslovče. In addition the home team who is defending their title in the 2013/14 season there on the Grand Finale four will be also performed the team Swatycomet from Zreče, Nova KBM Maribor and volleyball Go Volley from Nova Gorica. These teams are a high quality teams witnessed by the fact that we will see there lot of the current youth National Team, who are on the last EP in 2014 won the silver medal.



To smo mi v 2014/15 " ŽOK Braslovče"

ZOK Braslovce 2014 Priznanja





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