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Analysis of the two basic phase play

“Rule: Questions are being set on the court, because – the answers are known on the bleachers.”

2015-01-22 12-19-51

Seminars for coaches

Technique – tactic

Topic: little specialties

2015-01-22 12-28-06

Opponent analysis – preparing for the game

2015-01-22 12-24-57

Correlation – the link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-26-32

Coaching license seminar 

Topic: receiving of the serve

2015-01-22 12-29-11

Serving tactics

2015-01-22 12-29-52

Technical plan of work with junior teams

2015-01-22 12-31-01

Correlation – link between block – defense

2015-01-22 12-31-39

Basic block set-ups

2015-01-22 14-10-26

Correlation – link between block – defense – continuing phases

2015-01-22 14-13-11

Beograd 2009


Vrabčekupanja foundation, Municipality Brda, Football club Brda, Office of tourism, culture, youth and sports Brda and Jabkad.o.o.


Unlike the previous years, when the event in Vipolžah in GoriškaBrda was constantly accompanied with some raindrops, the sun completely took over this time and brought extra good mood and positive energy to participants and visitors. The day was filled with socializing and charity.

vrapček upanja 2015  20150606 184911 Kopiraj 2

1545197 938064679589195 8807885840626549623 n  ODBOJKA IN PREVC

Much like the previous years participants were bonded by football and archery, a novelty. The first to introduce themselves were young football players from GoriškaBrda and Renče. Nataša Fikfak, Acting Director of General hospital dr. Franca Derganca Nova Gorica took the first kick to open these mostly exhibition games. Among the players who delivered a couple goals and a lot of laughter were Slovene athletes, led by the Olympic medal winners Peter Prevc, ski jumper, and cross country skier Vesna Fabjan, as well as winemakers from GoriškaBrda, personnel from the department for disabled youth at the hospital inStara Gora, reporters and pupils of Dobrovo elementary school. The latter are very active and successful in sports. The boys won national elementary school championships in football and the girls placed third. Also noteworthy participants were the promising tennis players Maja Makorič and Elena Plesničar and national bowling champion Matjaž Zaletel. Headmistress VesnaFilej was there to support the players.

Among the guests were two-time Olympian from Brda, high jumper Lidija Kristančič, one of the world’s best artistic roller skaters LucijaMlinarič, who successfully battled a serious illness and returned to the roller skating platform winning medals at European and World championships, then recently announced her retirement. Also there to support the charitable cause were former 800m record holder Rafko Marinič, sports enthusiast priestBogdan Knavs, alpine skier Ana Bucik and aspiring Slovenian tennis player and supporter of the Vrabčekupanja foundation Manca Pislak.

First time attendees were our volleyball players, silver medalists from last year’s junior European championships: Lana Ščuka, ZalaZbičajnik, NikaMarkovič, Maja Pahor, Sara Đukić, Eva Mori and coaches JožeČasar, AljošaJemc and team manager Tina Pajančič

Archery club Gorica introduced a novelty in the event, as attendees had a chance to try and shoot some arrows. There to offer guidance were Dejan Sitar, 2001 world champion and Rok Bizjak, who will soon attend the 1st European games in Baku.

Toward the end of the day some attendees took a chance at hitting large champagne bottles with a ball, suitable activity since the event took place at a wine-growing land. Very successful at that were Maximiliano Klebčar, born in Argentina, and his significant other Ana Clara Hostnik. They will be main acts at the traditional wedding in GoriškaBrda this Saturday.

Sure to draw attention from the male audience were the queen of cherries Martina Sirk, who will soon pass on her crown to the queen of Rebula (Ribolla wine) Teja Erzetič, the reigning queen of roses Matejka Katičfrom Litija, who is also great at playing football, and a fashion designer and Slovenian Miss Universe 2013 Sara Savnik.


A former football player with an appearance for the national team, now president of Triglav insurance company Nova Gorica division Ivica Vulič, handed a defibrillator to the president of FC Brda and a renowned winemaker Marjan Simčič.

Participants and visitors on site gathered nearly 800 eur in charitable donations. Final amount (to be announced at a later time) of donations andfinancial support received from sponsors will be entirely dedicated to purchase all necessary equipment for the department for disabled youth at the hospital in Stara Gora.

At the closing ceremony on Dobrovo castle Major Franc Mužičand the president of Vrabčekupanja foundation Darja Povšič Peršolja thanked participating individuals and groups for attending and supporting the cause and handed out some treats from GoriškaBrda.

Three time event attendee Peter Prevc and LucijaMlinarič were named ambassadors of the Vrabčekupanja foundation.

4th Charity gathering with cherriesandfootball event team

GoriškaBrda 2015

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